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Baby Ossicles

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I found these three tiny, ornate frames years ago and always had the idea to put an ossicle in each. I have always been fascinated and inspired by the intricate and compact anatomy of the head and neck, and to paint the auditory ossicles to scale and display them in these tiny frames in a big open space just feels right. I can’t explain. I am calling them baby ossicles, despite their approximate 1:1 scale, because my first batch of paintings I scaled up dramatically.. kind of by accident. I…read more

Gross (Anatomy) Sushi

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One of the strongest memories I have from Gross Anatomy lab as a first year medical student is the disturbing appetite that builds as you handle raw, human flesh… Medical student folklore says that the formaldehyde used during the embalming process is the cause of this phenomenon. Hopefully it was just giving us a cannibalistic-like hunger and not cancer. Like Table 43, who discovered when they reached the prostate that they had spent the previous 3…read more


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ExamSource is a free question bank platform for students studying the medical sciences. It is based on the crowd-sourcing concept: Questions are submitted by registered users (free to join!) and must be peer-reviewed before entering active circulation. Questions can be flagged, thus re-entering the peer-review pool. Users are able to bookmark questions for later access and review from their account page. Performance statistics are available on the population level as well as for the individual user to identify weak subjects. The question bank has been designed…read more

Transwell® Schematic

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Schematic depicting the experimental design for investigating the effect of Verapamil, a calcium channel blocker, on cytoskeletal integrity of an intestinal epithelial cell model following hypoxic and septic insult.

View the full post to download the schematic art files under a share-alike creative commons license.

Ischemia & Reperfusion Injury

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Salutary Effect Of Calcium Channel Blockade Following
Hypoxic And Septic Insult

Intestinal ischemia and reperfusion (I/R) is a major problem associated with a high morbidity and mortality following trauma and hemorrhagic shock. Apoptosis is the major mode of cell death following reperfusion. The cytoskeleton damage precedes the apoptotic final microscopic features. Calcium plays a central role in apoptosis. Therefore, we studied whether verapamil could preserve the function of the cytoskeleton in an in-vitro intestinal model following hypoxia-reoxygenation (H/R). Our goal was to assess mainly the cytoskeleton functions which…read more

Pneumococcus SEM

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I haven’t touched any 3D software in years and have been itching to make something. This was inspired by an article I am helping to write, and hopefully I’ll find the time to develop this further into a nice bacterial biofilm infographic. High hopes.

I used Blender for the first time to create this and loved the new cycles rendering engine. It took me forever to work-out the SEM-distinct shader though. Gimp was used for minor compositing.

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Scroll through the gallery above! I created this ‘Heart WSUSOM’ artwork for a T-shirt fundraiser for Open Source Medicine: We sold out of shirts! My initials are hidden somewhere in the terminal arborizations…

Monty the Menace

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Written by Lonna Baum, illustrated by Dave Messing and produced by Keith Ramundo of Nick the Cat, LLC. I had the true privilege of working with this team to provide book design services. The story explores “being different” and how it feels to be placed in this category. The book tells the story of Monty, an accident-prone kitten whose problems are caused by his inability to see clearly. The story exposes children to Monty’s feelings and the reactions of his family to his antics before and after he gets eyeglasses….read more

My Health Report

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Detroit has one of the largest unemployed populations in the US, with a major source of health care being either the emergency room, free clinics, or free health fairs. Detroit has a strong need for not just alternative health care, but education on basic health care strategies.

My Health Report (MHR) is an innovative computer program designed by medical students at Wayne State University School of Medicine to promote patient-centered communication and education, yielding a medically-educated and empowered population. It has the potential to drive long-term positive change.

MHR provides…read more

Old Scottsdale

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‘Old Scottsdale’ is a fun, tourist-targeted shopping strip in Scottsdale, AZ. I used a cheap mechanical pencil to sketch and soon realized that my eraser only smudged the pencil around the paper… Won’t be making that mistake again.